Sensation of Freedom biking saves gas, burn calories, lets you enjoy the scenery and gives you the sensation of freedom.- 17apr2013

star gazing with U


we’ll bring a big blanket,a camera,coffee,tell silly stories and wishes.will look up,enjoy the view and appreciate God’s extraordinary creation.we will make memories that no one could replace.

Mama Chit’s Coffee House 278 J.P. Rizal St San Roque Marikina City - 10jun2012

Marikina Shoe Museum J.P. Rizal St. Brgy San Roque Marikina City - 10jun2012

someday for sure


No, I’m sure she just didn’t want to be alone. She believed, she believed that there is a soul somewhere which will never leave her. A soul that belongs only to her. She believed she would one day meet that soul. One day, I’m sure - kujou(gosick episode5)

Beautiful and Bright full moon never fails to amaze me - 27mar2013

Full Moon view from my bedroom window 6:16pm - 26mar2013

18th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Hot Air Balloon Night Glow - 24feb2013